Saturday, September 20, 2008

OT: Women as second class citizens

I came across an interesting news article today.

Magazine Featuring Female Pastors Pulled From Shelves, 'Treated Like Pornography'
The five women on the cover are dressed in black and smiling — not an uncommon strategy for selling magazines.

But these cover girls are women of the cloth, featured in Gospel Today magazine's latest issue, which the Southern Baptist Convention has pulled from the shelves at its bookstores, though the magazine is available for sale upon request.

The group says women pastors go against its beliefs, according to its interpretation of the New Testament. The magazine was taken off stands in more than 100 Lifeway Christian Bookstores across the country, including six in metro Atlanta.

One wonders if these religious fundamentalists are the same ones who will vote for Sarah Palin for Vice President?

For myself, I am not religious at all, and don't understand how anybody with common sense can be...but that's a bagatelle. The point is that for the Southern Baptists to demand that this magazine be hidden, and the fact that bookstores frightening.

I'd say the same even if the women on the cover were Muslims wearing Burkhas, and were even misguided enough to talk about their faith and its horrific restrictions against women as if it were a good thing. Let people read and decide for themselves...