Monday, December 10, 2007

55 women pilots

I just received a set of playing cards from the International Women's Air & Space Museum. In the center of each card is a photo of a specific pilot, and a couple of lines of information about each one.

They're really cool, and you can get them from the shop at their website.

I'll be researching these pilots for articles at Winged Victory, but I'll share their names here as well.

  • 1st 6 women astronauts: A Fisher, S. Lucid, J. Resnik, S. Ride, R. Seddon, K. Sullivan, chosen 1978

  • Patricia Arnold- 1st woman in the world to own a helicopter, air race participant

  • Pancho Barnes - Barnstormer, movie stunt pilot, winning air racer, Lockheed test pilot
  • Berrnice Barris- CFII, commercial multi-engine land/sea safety instructor, air racer
  • Jan Haviland Bartoo - Pennsylvania Central Airline DC-3, Cleveland Municiplal Airport, 1946
  • Marta Bohn-Meyer- Only woman to fly the SR-71, Aerobatic champion, NASA engineer
  • Caro Bayley Bosca - WASP. 1951-1st woman's aerobatic champion. Altitude record: 30,203 ft

  • Myrtle "K" Cagle- One of the Mercury 13
  • Jacquline Cochran- Supervised WASP 1942-1944, 1st woman to break the sound barrier
  • Bessie Coleman- First African-American woman to earn her pilot's license in 1921, barnstormer
  • Eileen Collins - 1st woman to pilot and command the space shuttle

  • Arlene Davis - 1st woman to earn an M-4 rating, devoted to work with youth in aviation ( qualifying her to pilot multi-engine airplanes up to a gross weight of 10,000 pounds over land and sea; first private pilot, man or woman, to receive an instrument rating which qualified her to fly blind; first woman to receive the Veteran’s Pilot Award; first woman to receive the Elder Statesman of Aviation award.)

  • Amelia Earhart- 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, first president of the 99s

  • Viola Gentry- Established a solo endurance flight record for women pilots
  • Betty Huyler Gillies - one of the original 25 WAFs, Chairman of AWTAR 1953-1961
    Pauline Glasson - Founding member of the Air Race Classic, flight instructor
  • Mayte Greco-Regan - "The Angel from Above"

  • Mary Haizlip- Set women's speed record at 1932 Cleveland National Air Races
  • Jean Hixson- WASP, COlonel in the Air Force reserves, one of the Mercury 13
  • Joan Hrubec- Airplane modeler, 99 officer, IWASM trustee, air race pilot
  • Margaret Hurlburt - WASP, Class 43-6, winner of the Halle Trophy Race in 1946

  • Teddy Kenyon - Winner National Sportsman Champion 1933, Grumman Aircraft test pilot

  • Irene Leverton- 63 years of flying - commuter, ferry, air ambulance, air Taxi, CAP, CFT
  • Clara Livingston - Puerto Rico's first female aviator, Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol
  • Nancy Harkness Love - organized and led the Women's Auxiliary Ferry squadron durong WWII
  • Connie Luhta - President of IWASM, owner of Concord Air Park, air racer

  • Kate Macario- "stalwart supporter of general aviation and the 99s for over 50 years"

  • Bernetta Adams Miller- 3rd woman in the US to fly
  • Jerrie Mock- First woman to fly solo around the world: March 19-April 17, 1964

  • Ruth Nichols- Held records for altitude, speed and distance at the same time

  • Harriet Quimby - 1st licensed female pilot in the US, 1st woman to solo the English channel

  • Helen Richey - 1st woman in the US to obtain a commercial pilot's license
  • Margaret Ringenberg WASP, 99, instructor, race pilot (2xs around world,

  • Louise Sacchi- Set world speed record in single-engine plane, NY to London - 1971 (2 cards)
  • Blanche Stuart Scott - 1st US woman pilot, 1st woman test pilot, 1st woman passenger in jet
  • Lauretta Schimmoler - Founder: Aerial nurse Corps of America, USAF #1 Honorary Flight Nurse
  • Evelyn Sharp - Nebraska's Queen of the Air. Original WWII ferry pilot, WAFS/WASP
  • Anne Shields- Ferry pilot, WASP, FSS Weather briefer
  • Betty Skelton - International Feminine Aerobatic Champion 1948-1950
  • Elinor Smith - Voted Best Woman pilot in the US in 1930, teenager demonstration pilot
  • Bernice "B" Steadman- Past president - IWASM and 99s, one of the Mercury 13, avid air racer
  • Katherine Stinson- "The Flying Schoolgirl." 1st woman to own and operate a flight school.

  • Louise Thaden- First women to win the Bendix Transcontinental Air Race, 1936
  • Nancy Hopkins Tier- IWASM President 1985-1996. 1st women colonel in the Civil Air PAtrol
  • Virginia Thomas- Pilot and aviataion historian

  • Mary von Mach - 1st woman to obtain pilot's license in MI, 1929 Air Race Pilot

  • Fay Gillis Wells- Charter 99, White House correspondent, co-founder Forest of Friendship
  • Irene Wirtschafter - "self-made woman loved to fly and gave back all she could"
  • Connie Wolf- Set 3 ballooning records in 1 flight: endurance, distance and altitude
  • Katharine Wright - "Third member of the Wright Team"

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