Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alaska's Women Pilots: Contemporary Portraits

Alaska's Women Pilots: Contemporary Portraits. Jenifer Fratzke. Utah State University Press. 2004.

Author Jenifer Fratzke doesn't give a precise date, but I assume its 2004: According to the FAA, there are 8,711 pilots in Alaska, 639 of wom are women.

I'll be reviewing this book at Winged Victory shortly.

Commercial pilot: Tamar Bailey
Flight Instructor: Noralie Jennings-Voigt
Big Game Guide and Bush Pilot: Ellie Jones-Elg
Private Pilot: SAnna Green
Helicopter Pilot: Caroline Lachmann-Spivak
Aerobatic Pilot: Darlene Dubay
Aviation SAfety Inspector: Val Aron Jokela

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