Sunday, May 9, 2010

Be A Part of History: Be a Sponsor of the Blue Thunder

In time for Speed Record, Oshkosh, and Reno: Sponsorship Opportunity with Blue Thunder II

Here's a press release I just received:

Reno, Nevada – May 10, 2010: John Parker, championship-winning pilot and builder of Reno Air Race contenders Blue Thunder and Blue Thunder II, has opened the door to several sponsorship levels, even as his planned record attempt in Blue Thunder II is just a month away, in public view, at the Golden West Fly-In (Marysville, California, June 11-13).

John’s race-built Thunder Mustang (Blue Thunder II looks like a ¾ scale P-51 Mustang… and flies faster than the original) will be shooting for the world 100-kilometer speed record in class C1c, currently 339.51 mph.

Blue Thunder set shorter-distance records (for 3km and 15km) several years ago, and still holds them, at speeds over 370mph. Those records established Parker’s effort as the fastest normally-aspirated vehicle of any kind, ever.

“The 100km record, in a new machine, looks achievable,” said Parker, who averaged over 350mph in Blue Thunder II at the Reno Air Races last September. “We’ve done a lot of development since then,” Parker added, “and we now believe that ‘Blue II’ is even faster than the original.” (Parker’s original Thunder Mustang was destroyed by fire in 2007.)

Parker is offering big-time exposure to companies that cater not just to aviation, but to fans of excitement: speed sells, and a flashy, well-prepared and sexy airplane turns heads – eight million impressions’ worth, according to Parker. One three-foot advertisement is available right on Blue Thunder II herself! Certain sponsorship levels also bring customized product endorsements by ‘Blue II’ team members; a permanent banner at the home of the Thunder Mustangs, the American Air Racing facility on the airfield in Reno; inclusion in media (TV, radio, and internet) reports; distribution of sponsor literature at select Blue Thunder appearances (which can also include an Oshkosh appearance during the largest aviation show in the world), and many other smaller but effective promotions. That’s in addition to exposure on the dedicated website, Sponsors are also invited to a family-style dinner at the Reno Air Races, following each day’s events.

Parker is also planning "fan" opportunities, like the privilege of being able to sign one’s name on the airplane itself. For donations as small as $50, fans at Golden West, Oshkosh, and Reno will be able to put their autographs on one of the most-famous SuperSport racing airplanes in the world!

Contact information:
Blue Thunder Air Racing
5805 Alpha Ave
Reno, Nevada 89506

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