Monday, November 15, 2010

Photos from WASP Museum First Annual 5K Run Fundraiser

A professional photographer was at the event, took lots of photos, and they can be viewed here:

A few photos of the participants, and a lot of photos of the museum with closeups of posters and stuff - turned out so much better than my own photos, I know, so you will want to look at these.

the only flaw is that none of the people in any of the photos are identified. I will see what I can do about working up descriptions for some of them and post that here, which you can print and then use as a reference guide should you choose to visit the web album. Of course the very old lady with the white hair is WASP Mary Vanderventer (Mary Putnam while she was a WASP, nicknamed Put Put.

the photos are very nice so you should do so!

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Karlene Petitt said...

These are great photos! Thank you so much for sharing them. Fly safe! And remember to fly it forward. Eeeek... we only have 1 month remaining to celebrate the first licensed woman pilot! Share the journey with a woman!