Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Teeny Tiny Paper Airplane #1: Mustang

As is the way of things, as soon as Christmas is over, the prices of calendars go down at all the stores. I visited my local Barnes and Noble, therefore, and picked up two desktop calendars for half price. One is the Golden Age of Flight, by Walter J. Boyne. (Cost $14 orginally, so I picked it up for $7). I also bught a 365 Tiny Paper Air Planes Calendar. Although it has only 30 different models, nevertheless I'll get to fold one each day.

Being too impatient to wait until January 1, I have started today, December 30. And I will make one a weekday, and one on the weekends, for the next 365 days. And I shall take a photo of each one and of my fleet as it progresses.

Today, unfortunately, my camera refused to focus, so you don't get the full impact of my skill. I will say its annoying. The papers are full color on one side, and the other side is ligth blue and has all the lines you're supposed to fold (I couldn't be doing this otherwise!) but for the Mustang, at least, in folding the wings up, the top of the wings have the light blue color, not the colored paper color. So that's a bit annoying. Other than that minor little flaw, I anticipate having a bit of fun each day, amusing myslf with this airplane origami...

And rest assured future photos will be in focus, if I have to buy a new camera to accomplish it!

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