Friday, May 6, 2011

First Hungarian woman pilot: Lilly Steinschneider

The life of Lilly Steinschneider, (January 13, 1891, Budapest – March 28, 1975, Geneva) Hungary’s first qualified female pilot during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, was no less adventurous. Lilly was trained as a pilot in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, flying Etrich aircraft, she got her license in 1912. Although she could not yet try her skills in a much-awaited competition in August 1912, thousands of people witnessed the ascent of the fist Hungarian female pilot to the altitude of 50-60 metres in the same year.

Lilly won the speed race next year, and was runner up in un-interrupted flying, and in the flight time contest. In World War I, she offered her services to the Ministry of Defence, but she was rejected and chose to contribute to the war efforts as a nurse for a short time.

Flying Career
In August 1912 she received the fourth pilot license issued by the flying school established in Wiener Neustadt. Her teacher was the renowned aviation pioneer Karl Illner. She flew an Etrich Taube.

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