Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Australia: Women have the right altitude

The Coff Coast Advocate: Women have the right altitude
THE Coffs Harbour Aero Club put out the call for local women interested in aviation to come fly with them and what an amazing response they had.

In conjunction with the Australian Women Pilots' Association, the aero club welcomed a squadron of potential trainee pilots, including Coffs Harbour deputy mayor Denise Knight, who took to the skies for a lap of the airfield.

President Reynold Peterson said women of all ages attended the weekend's event.

“It's great to meet women not only looking to make it a career but also those that have chosen to have families and have put off learning to fly now coming forward and keen to find out what they need to do to get their wings now the kids are at school,” Mr Peterson said.

“Coming down on the weekend and meeting others with an interest in flying means they've been able to see they are not alone and in fact there is a huge network of female pilots, not just Australia-wide, but globally, all happy to share knowledge and lend support to those with an aviation interest.

“Many of the ladies got to fly over the weekend courtesy of our pilots.”

Bellingen High School student Georga Hulbert, 15, who aims to become an RAAF pilot, was one of the trial introductory flight winners.

“It was amazing and great to feel how the aircraft responded, it was much easier than I thought,” said Georga after her first flight experience.

A tour of the control tower was conducted, with a briefing from air traffic controllers Craig and Chris.

Both explained their roles and answered questions.

Anyone interested in booking a trial introductory flight should call the club on 0424 225 186 or email

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