Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Claire Bear Flies to Oshkosh...Just in time for Christmas

Received this press release today: Powder Puff Pilot Releases New Aviation Book for Children

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Aurora, Colorado – It’s never too early to start ground school for the next generation of pilots, even if they’re preschoolers! Denver-based publisher Powder Puff Pilot makes learning about aviation fun with a series of full-color picture books starring Claire Bear, a pink‑clad aerobatic performer and mentor for aspiring young pilots. The release of their newest book, Claire Bear Flies to Oshkosh is just in time for parents and grandparents to share their love of aviation with the next generation of pilots at Christmas.

In her fourth aviation picture book, author Sue Hughes describes a visit a to EAA’s AirVenture, “The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration,” held every summer in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She implements her characteristic lyrical rhymes to follow Claire Bear as she flies to the event and performs in the world’s greatest airshow.

Anyone who has used the special flight procedures implemented during AirVenture will relate to Claire when she rocks her wings and lands on the green dot at Oshkosh’s Wittman Regional Airport. These are just a few of the unique arrival procedures that enable air traffic controllers to handle more daily air traffic during the 10 days of AirVenture than Atlanta’s Hartsfield, Chicago’s O’Hare, or New York City’s JFK airports.

The Claire Bear series is the brainchild of Sue Hughes—a pilot since 1996 and a current flight instructor and aviation technical writer—whose goal is to introduce the thrills and exhilaration of aviation to a new generation. With her latest title, Hughes describes the enormity and excitement of AirVenture, “although it’s difficult to convey how big this event really is, and how special it is to aviation fans,” explained Hughes. “I’ve been to Oshkosh five times, and can’t wait to go again.”

Hughes credits illustrator Linda Terentiak for really bringing the Oshkosh experience to life. The two met at Oshkosh in 2010 and later, when Hughes needed an illustrator for her next book, Terentiak rose to the top of her wish list. “This project took longer than usual,” said Terentiak, “because the drawings were based on actual photos, and we took great pains to get them correct. It is so exciting to see it come together!”

EAA Communications Director Dick Knapinski vouches for the accuracy of the new release, saying, “The book was definitely written by someone who had flown the Oshkosh approach before.” He added, “Love the book and I hope it does great!”

The first in Hughes’ picture book series, Claire Bear Presents… The Pilot Alphabet, now in its fourth printing, was published in 2008. It teaches Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, and the rest of the words that pilots and air traffic controllers use to communicate clearly over the radio. In 2009, Hughes published her second picture book, Claire Bear’s First Solo, which accurately depicts a pilot’s first solo experience—an exhilarating flight that every aviator vividly remembers. Last year she released her third book, Claire Bear Explains… What Pilots Fly, which offers an overview of the wide variety of missions and aircraft that pilots fly. All three titles have been named by USA Book News as National Best Book finalists.

In addition to publishing, Powder Puff Pilot designs and sells pilot gear and accessories for women, such as a pink pilot logbook, pink aviation headsets, and pink seat cushions. They also carry over 20 biographies, flight adventures, fiction, and children’s books that are by and/or about amazing aviatrixes.

Powder Puff Pilot was founded in November 2008 by Sue Hughes of Aurora, Colorado. Among her other published works are This Day in Women’s Aviation, a page-a-day calendar for 2012 that celebrates events and milestones achieved by women in aviation. Powder Puff Pilot products are sold online and at over 60 retailers, including aviation museums, pilot shops, and bookstores. For more information or to order Powder Puff Pilot products, visit or call toll free at 888-801-6628.

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