Monday, January 16, 2012

PR: Air Conditioning System for LSA, Experimentals to Demonstrate at Sebring Show

Sebring, Florida, January 18, 2012: Corbi Air announces availability of a revolutionary air conditioning system that is light enough and reliable enough to work in small aircraft. The installed system is being shown in Sebring, Florida, at the Light Aircraft Expo, January 19-22.

The launch customer is the S-LSA Alto, a rugged, metal two-place machine with three models that cater to those who want a practical small airplane or a trainer. The gross weight limit of 1320 pounds for the LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) category is an imposing obstacle for most who want to “civilize” their machines, but the Alto already had excellent useful load, and, as Corbi Air President Ron Corbi said, “Because of its compact size and light weight, the air conditioning system fit easily into the Alto. Even with the 28-volt alternator we added to the Rotax 912S engine, the AMT-developed system allows us to retain one of the largest useful loads in the class.”

The system is all-electric, the standard 12-volt Rotax system, common in LSA, is augmented by an independent alternator and small 24-volt batteries. “Because it is compact, light, and powerful, the system is ideal for other small aircraft, including Experimental-class aircraft, many of which already employ a 24-volt system and thus would not require electrical system modifications,” noted Dan Coffey, development engineer at Corbi Air.

“The [typically 20-degree (F)] cockpit temperature reduction will be particularly welcomed by instructors who teach all day in hot cockpits, and by private fliers who just want to arrive fresh,” said Corbi.

Corbi Air is the distributor of the Alto LSA, and is also the supplier of the AMT air conditioning system. The Corbi Air Alto with the AMT conditioning system will be featured at the Light Aircraft Expo this week, Space 208.

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