Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toy Planes For Girls - with Powder Puff Derby Logo

This toy is on ebay for another few hours. I had hoped to buy it, but $30 was my max bid, and its now up to $60.

It is copyright 1966. Has the Powder Puff Derby logo and is obviously for girls - although boys of course could play with it too...although probably didn't.

In 1978, Buddy L came out with a set of 3 planes . The box had the Powder Puff Derby logo (even though the PPD had ended in 1977), and there's an androgynous female character in the right hand corner (if you look at the fingernails you can figure out it's a girl, but other than that it looks like a boy to me!) The planes say Buddy L on them, rather than Powder Puff Derby

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