Saturday, May 4, 2013

PR: Boutsen Aviation receives the International Yacht and Aviation Award for best "Private Jet Design"

London, 19 April 2013: Hosted by leading interior design magazine design et al, the International Yacht & Aviation Awards rewarded the best in design from around the globe; the Private Jet Design Award went to Boutsen Aviation's A319CJ.

Thierry Boutsen, Founder/President of Boutsen Aviation, said, "The aircraft we submitted was in fact the 123rd aircraft we sold and our first Airbus A319 Corporate Jet. We managed the whole acquisition process from the purchase of the green aircraft and cabin completion to redelivery. We entrusted the cabin design and completion to Jet Aviation Basel." He added,  "I am absolutely delighted. This award marks the full transition in careers,  from trophies and awards as a driver in Formula 1, to this prestigious award in my life's newer career in high-line aviation."
This Airbus A319CJ, delivered in 2010, features 3 living areas: a forward "VVIP lounge" and eating area; a mid-cabin bedroom with bathroom and shower;  and an entourage area with business class seating for 20.
Daniela Boutsen, head of Boutsen's equipment department noted, "Our designworks so well: the aircraft is used not only by the owner; it is also offered for charter worldwide. With a range of 5,000 NM and 450 Kt cruise and its extremely high quality and versatile type of interior, this elite aircraft is very well suited for Chiefs of State and government travel; or conversely for sports teams and headline entertainers."
More about Boutsen Aviation:
Fifteen years after its founding by Formula 1 driver Thierry and wife Daniela Boutsen, the Monaco based company has now sold 261 corporate aircraft - some 50 models from 15 manufacturers - to new owners in 49 countries, on all continents but Antarctica.

"Our experience in international transactions and our knowledge of the
market with its daily moves make us one of the leading companies in this segment," says Mr. Boutsen. "We represent customers for both sales and acquisitions, acting on an exclusive basis only, as we want to have the power to negotiate firmly on their behalf. We invest significant time and money into every transaction; our clients do not have various brokers working against each other. As exclusive agents, we control the sale; our clients win."

Boutsen Aviation have recently launched a prestigious addition to BA's range of activities, "Boutsen Design," where clients can purchase, under one roof,  everything needed to enhance their VVIP cabins. This "One Stop Shop for Cabin Comfort" is managed by Daniela, who engages some 60 of the best manufacturers of china, crystal, cutlery, table and bed linen, accessories,  and amenities. From designing and supervising full completions to final decorations, Boutsen Design "makes the aircraft a nicer place to spend time."

The winning aircraft design can be viewed here:

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