Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Virtual Museum: Women in Aviation on stamps and First day covers

I've got a collection of women pilots on First Day Covers and Cachets, and I share it at this website here:

The exhibits include:
1929 Women's National Air Derby
1930 Women's National Air Derby
1948 All Woman Transcontinental Air Race (otherwise known as the Powder Puff Derby)
1966 Powder Puff Derby
1977 Powder Puff Derby
Angel Derby (International All Women's Race) 1972
1993 Air Race Classic
Amelia Earhart contemporary covers to new commemorations
Jacqueline Cochran
Louise Thaden
Katherine and Marjorie Stinson
Bessie Coleman
Harriet Quimby
Jacqueline Auriol
various other pilots

If you're in to aviation history as told on stamps and first day covers, please check out my virtual museum!

There's also a few entries in all aviation - the Smithsonian Milestones of Flight series, for example.

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