Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Donate to the WASP Museum

I had blogged a few days ago about receiving a WASP calendar (sending a calendar must be the "gift" of choice these one for the Redtails and one for Pacific Theatre Museum as well).

Anyway, the WASP Museum, located in Sweetwater, Texas, on the airfield where most of the WASP trained during World War II, is gathering funds to expand and also to rebuild the air traffic control tower there.

I also received a remembrance card to fill out, which will go into the tower, and there's a place on the back where you can write why you admire the WASP.

For more details, check out the, or call (325) 235-0099. (The museum is in Texas, their fund raising arm is in Washington DC, apparently.)

You can donate any amount, but they request the minimum be $38. 38 is the number of WASP who gave their lives during WWII to serve their country.

I'll prepare a proper text list of there heroes' names later. For now, if you'd like to read about them, check out this site:

I was there in 2010, and will return in 2014 (after I participate in a Scrabble Tournament in Irvine Texas!)


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