Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If you’re ever in Vancouver BC and need a gift for someone...

I recently returned from a trip to Vancouver, BC and stayed with some friends. They were very kind and accommodating and took me everywhere I wanted to go. So on the day I left, I decided to give them a gift for being such good hosts. My friend Anne loves flowers, and so a flower arrangement from a florist in Vancouver seemed like the ideal solution. Well, to be frank they lived quite close to a Vancouver florist called Flowers on 1st, so it was a no-brainer.

Isn't this a cool logo?

I ended up not having time to visit the florist before they dropped me off at the airport. Fortunately this place had a website so I was able to scope out everything they had on offer. In addition to flower arrangements they had gift baskets with a variety of chocolates, so I have to admit I vacillated between flowers and chocolates. Finally I settled on the flowers. They make deliveries to anywhere in Vancouver so that’s pretty cool.

I could have made the order for the flowers directly form their website, but since they have a toll free number I just called them right up and spoke to them in person. The clerk I spoke to was friendly, the order was paced with no problem. And best of all...I was told a free order of chocolates would come with the flowers. I knew that Harry (that’s Anne’s husband) would love that.

Long story short, I was quite pleased with the service of this florist in Vancouver and can recommend them to everyone!

Their site is:

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