Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sad news out of China a couple of weeks ago

Crash kills Yu Xu, 1st woman to fly China's J-10 fighter

One of China's first female fighter pilots and a member of the country's air force aerobatics team was killed in a training accident over the weekend, according to Chinese state-run media.
Capt. Yu Xu, 30, died Saturday during a routine training flight with the aerobatics team, according to the reports.
    The Chinese military did not provide details of the accident in Hebei province, but state-run media, citing military sources and witnesses, said Yu ejected from her aircraft after it collided with another during the training.
    After the ejection, the wing of another plane hit Yu, killing her, according to a report from China Daily.
    Yu's male co-pilot ejected safely and survived, the report said. The other jet also landed safety.
    The flight data recorder, or black box, from Yu's jet was recovered as authorities investigate the accident, China Daily reported.

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