Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zoe Dell Nutter

My father, a retired pilot (Air Force, then cargo, then passenger, for AIA/MarkAir) still has a subscription to AOPA Pilot, but he has the issues sent to my brother (who learned how to fly 20 years ago, soloed, nad never did anything with it since...).

He had one issue left at his house here in VA, which was the December 2005 issue, and imagine my delight to see the back page of the issue devoted to Zoe Dell Nutter (and written by Julie K. Boatman).

Nutter learned to fly after World War II - and her favorite airplane, of all those she has flown, is a Cessna 120. Among many other activities, she organized the Monterery Bay Chapter of the Ninety-Nines. IN 1968, she participated in the Powder Puff Derby.

She was 90 at the time this article was written. It was more of a promotion piece for hte National Aviation Hall of Fame (of which she ws president from 1988-2005).

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