Saturday, October 18, 2008

OT: The Curious Boy's Book of Adventure

OT: The Curious Boy's Book of Adventure: 100 Hi-jinks and Escapades

I was browsing through my local library's book shelves a few days ago when I came across this little gem.

It was published in 2007.

And yet the author, Sam Martin, blithely targets this book of "Hi-jinks and Escapades," of "Adventure" for boys only, as if we still live in a time when boys got to have all the fun and girls sat at home with their knitting, waiting for a boy to call.

Well... we *do* live in that age still, unfortunately, for many girls who are brought up to believe the media hype that that is all they exist for, and so a book like this is needed much more for girls than for boys. But, of course, it's got the word "Boy's" in the title, so god forbid any girl should look at it and think, "Hey, why can't I do this stuff?"

But of course, there's the same old "stigma." She'd never be greeted by, "Oh, you want to be an adventurous girl?" No, it'd be, "Oh, you want to be a boy!"

Anyway, the book contains such things as:

Exploring - making a tent, rowing a boat, finding north without a compass

Hunting - making a bow and arro, fishing, bug hunting

Experiemting - cooking up slime, sending a secret message, making a telephome

Building - paper airplanes, model boats, a kite

Playing - spinning tops, playing marbles, climbing, training your dog

And you, Mr. Sam Martin, are telling me that curious girls can't enjoy this stuff just as well?

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