Sunday, October 19, 2008

OT: Popular Mechanics magazine, October 2008

My dad gets this magazine, and when he's done with it, he gives it to me.

I haven't got a mechanical bent, but I enjoy reading about all the types of stuff they cover (and for that matter, my sister does have a mechanical bent.)

Anyway, so on the cover of this particular issue, the "Special DIY Mega Issue" the blurb is of course:

100 Skills Every Man Should Know

and the list they have on the cover:

Fix a leak
Pilot a boat
Weld steel
Fell a tree
Shoot straight
Mix concrete
Drive off-road
Work with wood
Escape a sinking car

And I'm thinking... is there a reason why women shouldn't know these things?

I mean, women are supposed to be such bad drivers compared to men, shouldn't they know how to get out of a sinking car should they be silly enough to drive into a lake or something? Or do the editors of Popular Mechanics think only men are stupid enough to do that?

Well, at least among the 100 things they include inside the issue are How to iron a shirt, How to change a diaper, Teaching your Kids to Ride a Bike and Fish, Sew a button, and use a sewing machine ("on camping gear, light tarps, kites and myriad other manly stuff.")

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