Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Four Captain's Memorial

Visited the Virginia Air Museum today, located on the grounds of the Richmond International Airport. Indeed, you can't get to the airport without passing the Virginia Air Musuem.

I went all the way through it, and will share photos in another blog entry, but this is specifically for the Four Captain's Memorial. As you come into the museum, it is kind of tucked away in the far left hand corner.

The Four Captains, of course, are the pilots of the four airplanes that were hijacked on 9/11.

Click on this photo to see the enlarged text of the entire memorial.


The Four Captains:
American Airlines Flight 11 (crashed into WTC North Tower):
The 11 crew members included pilot John Ogonowski, First Officer Thomas McGuinness, and flight attendants Barbara Arestegui, Jeffrey Collman, Sara Low, Karen Martin, Kathleen Nicosia, Betty Ong, Jean Roger, Dianne Snyder, and Madeline Sweeney

United Airlines Flight 175 (crashed into WTC South Tower):
The nine crew members included pilot Victor Saracini, First Officer Michael Horrocks, and flight attendants Robert Fangman, Amy Jarret, Amy King, Kathryn Laborie, Alfred Marchand, Michael Tarrou, and Alicia Titus

American Airlines Flight 77 (crashed into Pentagon):
The flight crew included pilot Charles Burlingame, First Officer David Charlebois, and flight attendants Michele Heidenberger, Jennifer Lewis, Kenneth Lewis, and Renee May

United Airlines Flight 93 (target was US Capitol or White House, crashed in Pennsylvania due to passengers attempt to regain control of the plane)
The seven crew members were pilot Jason Dahl, First Officer LeRoy Homer Jr., and flight attendants Lorraine Bay, Sandra Bradshaw, Wanda Green, CeeCee Lyles, and Deborah Welsh

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