Thursday, May 21, 2009

Women's International Air and Space Museum

Visited the WIASM today.... got there too late to have a lot of time to browse at the gift closed at 4 pm. But I spent a lot of tme walking through the exhibits (that doesn't close til about 7 pm).

Here is just a brief sample, I hope to have a page of photos at soon. As well as info on how to get there, etc. (For example, the musuem is free, but parking at the airport costs $6.00)

Part of the Amelia Earhart exhibit

Tracy Pilurs' Pretty Purple Puddy Tat
Pilurs built this plane during the 1960s.

More photos and stuff in another entry.

Click on photo to see larger version. (It is large enough to allow you to read the text.)

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Camera Repair said...

I know this is from an old post of yours, but you still might be interested. There’s a short clip of Tracy Pilurs and her “Purple Puddytat” in the following YouTube video at 1:53. This video is from an old 8mm of the 1967 Erie Airshow at Erie, PA: