Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OT: Burquinis

This is a rather sad story:

Burquini banned in France

I care nothing about the burquini per se. Presumably it can be made of fabric just like swimming suits and so why would it carry bacteria? The problem is that the woman concerned is a "convert" to Islam. Presumably she converted voluntarily, and is not one of millions of people being forcibly converted in the Sudan, Somalia and elsewhere.

I simply don't understand how any woman can convert to a relgion where she is automatically reduced to a state less than dirt, where she has to cover her entire body from head to toe because God forbid a man should see an exposed forearm and be inflamed to lust.

Yeah, I don't like the trend in the West, where girls from toddler age upwards are wearing the scantiest clothing possible, all to give boys some free eye candy, but I'd still rather see that than see them in burquas.

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