Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tragedy at UK airshow

An American woman pilot - name yet to be released officially, but I believe it was Vicki Cruse, crashed and died at an airshow in Silverstone, England yesterday. (According to the airshow's website, there were two American women participating, but Debby Rihn-Harvey was flying a CAP 232.)

Edited: It has now been released officially that Vicki Cruse has died.

Here's a video of her at YouTube "How Vicki Cruse Became The U.S. Aerobatic Champion"
...kind of emotional viewing:

Here's an article about her at

A female pilot died today when her light aircraft crashed at Silverstone race track, police said.

The 40-year-old American woman, who was the only person on board the aircraft, was pronounced dead at the scene, Thames Valley Police said.

The woman was practicing for the 13-day airshow that was to start later on.

The plane that crashed is an Edge E40 plane.

The spokeswoman said: 'Thames Valley Police is currently at the scene of an aircraft crash at Silverstone, Dadford Road, Buckingham.

'Police were notified at 12.12pm that a single aircraft taking part in an acrobatic show at Silverstone had come down on the circuit.

'The pilot, an American woman, was pronounced dead at the scene.

'No one else was injured in the incident.

'Investigators from the Civil Aviation Authority are on their way to the scene to begin their investigation.'

She's flying higher now...higher than she's ever flown before.

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