Monday, October 26, 2009

Lighspeed Aviation Zulu Headset Auction

Lightspeed Aviation is one of the sponsors of the documentary, A Pilot's Story, being put together by Wilco Films. They've donated a Zulu headset, which Wilco has put up for auction. All proceeds to go towards defraying some of the cost of the film.

A Zulu headset sells for $ here's your chance to get one for somewhat less than that! (There is a reserve on it.)

Good cause, great product. Check it out!

The auction is on Ebay and there are 2 more days left in it.

The new Zulu headset looks different because it is different. Made with magnesium and stainless steel it's extremely durable and yet weighs just over 13 ounces.

Because of its unique ear cup design, Zulu has more total noise cancellation than any headset on the market. Simply put, you get broader noise attenuation over the entire audible range.

Rather than concentrating purely on cutting decibels, our engineers looked at how pilots perceive noise at different frequencies. Their goal was to make the Zulu feel so much better than any other headset, that when someone put it on, the first words would be "Wow".


ANRActive cancellation over a deep, broad range of low frequency noise. Designed, when worn, to be the quietest headset on ever.

Front Row Center To Enhance StereoFront Row Center (FRC®) gives you a theater-like listening experience, enhancing stereo sound reproduction so that audio seems to come from all around you, not just from your right and left.

Auto MusicMute To Quiet Auxiliary DevicesWhen radio communications come in from the panel, Auto MusicMute decreases the volume of auxiliary devices by 80%. This allows you to enjoy music through your headset without missing any important radio communications.

Stereo/MonoSwitchable to match the signal from your audio panel.

ConnectivityBluetooth Enabled Allows wireless connection to Zulu from Bluetooth phones or other devices.
Cell/Music Connection Wired interface for patching in cell phone, or music devices with supplied cables.

Magnesium CupsDurable yet light weight that also is 10x more effective at blocking out high frequency noise without sacrificing comfort.

Stainless Steel HeadbandLight and comfortable. Thin to eliminate top of canopy clearance problems.

Zulu ConfigurationsZulu: straight cord, battery powered, dual GA plugs
Zulu P: straight cord, installed panel powered, single LEMO plug (same plug a Bose headset uses)
Zulu C: coil cord, battery powered, single U-174 plug
Zulu CP: coil cord, panel powered, single LEMO plug (same plug a Bose headset uses)
Zulu CD: coil cord, battery powered, dual GA plugs

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