Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WASP playing cards

For the last few years, the Women's International Air And Space Musuem has produced a set of playing cards featuring women pilots. This year, the entire deck will be devoted to the WASP.

They're taking pre-orders now. Want a great stocking stuffer for Christmas? Get one of these decks for everybody in your family! (The 2008 deck is still available. Great collector's item, too.)


By the way, don't forget to consider making www.goodsearch.com your search engine of choice. You select a charity/non-profit, and each time you do a search, your organization gets a penny.

Okay, that's not very much, but every little bit helps.

So go to goodsearch.com, put Women's International Air And Space Musuem into the "Who d you goodsearch for" box, and then, make your searches as normal.

(Or, of course, you can search their list of other charities/non-profits, and choose one of your own. They have hundreds of organizations you can help.)

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