Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aviation Engine Ringtones

I've been playing around with ringtones lately, and got the idea to do aviation engine ringtones. (There are aviation-centric ringtones out there, but they seem to all be related to error messages in the cockpit, not the sound of engines.)

It's harder than I thought to find these... this post will be an ongoing document so bookmark it if you're interested.

They are all MP3 files. To download, right click on link and SAVE TARGET AS. To listen, just click normally.

Stuka Dive Bomber
Spitfire Engine runup
Harrier Vertical Lift Off Ringtone
Japanese Zero with Original Engine

For anyone named Mr. Chambers
Don't get on that ship! The rest of that book, to serve man... It's a cookbook!

For those who get calls from Germany
This is Germany calling. This is Germany calling. (From Green for Danger)

Never, ever try a backblast
The backblast backlash will bounce back and destroy everything

And for those with a science fiction bent:
This is the Voice of the Mysterons
Queen to Queens level 3, captain Kirk?
I assume you play chess?
Stand by for action. Stingray crew to report to control tower immediately
Anything can happen in the next half hour

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