Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A FIRST: woman pilots a balloon in Libya during Women Pilots Week

I take the liberty of repeating this entire blog entry from the Women's Centennial of Flight site.

Allie had set two goals for herself during Women Pilots Week 2010: to pilot a balloon in Libya and to introduce local women to aviation.

She did fly over sand dunes and the ancient city of Ghadames. However, she was unable to convince any local girls or women to experience flying. She did the next best thing. When a woman with her daughter Bernadette came up to the basket, they had a lovely chat and she invited the little very shy girl into the basket.

Barely back from her trip, Allie is planning a Women's Balloon Event in October near Oxford. Check out the upcoming events section to see the details of her planned event when they become available.

Why not bookmark the Centennial of Flight blog to keep abreast of all the efforts going on in 2010 to introduce 2010 new girls and women to the freedom, and joy, of flight?

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