Saturday, October 30, 2010

Air Show Marketers and Book Marketers -- send me your press releases!

A few people send me press releases from time to time, which I post at this blog.

I've decided to expand the service (as part of my re-designing and expanding of the Winged Victory website) and put all press release info into an Aviation Event Calendar.

At the moment, it is just bare bones - I've got the months set out and just have to researach what's happening each month to fill it up! ; ) but I thought I'd get the word out now.

I want to know about any event having to do with Aviation. Whether it's an actual Air Show, a Fly-in, a weekly or monthly talk for history enthusiasts, a guest speaker a museum, a book signing, even just the day a book is actually published, or a new aviation-type article offered for sale.

This is not a service just for women pilots - I want to cover the entire aviation world.

Indeed - any overseas folks who want to send me info - I will be more than happy to include it.

The calendar will comprise the whole year, so people will have to scroll down to the appropriate month to see what's going on. At the end of the complete year, I'll move that year down to the bottom of the page, as an archive, so that future researchers can see what happened in that particular year.


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