Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WASP Musuem, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, TX

I visited the WASP museum today. I have much to say about it, but for tonight will just share a handful of photos.

Hangar One, Avenger Field. Fifinella in the center, above the three wide doors. The black plaque near the smaller, entrance door features the WASP wings - with the diamond in the center.

Hangar One from Avenger Field Road. Continue on this road to what is now Avenger field, adjacent to a technical college.

Avenger Field - an FOB that honors the WASP. This field is adjacent to the technical college. Within the building is a few notes about the WASP, but it's an actual, working airport for general aviation.

Surviving WASP who have visited the museum have left their handprints and signature in cement. This is "Deanie" Parrish. These are all within the museum.

WASP gazing toward the sky. In the distance, gigantic poster of Nancy Harkness Love. To the right, a Link trainer. To the left, flags from each of the states where a WASP was born. You can kind of see a line of photos of the WASP and brief bios underneath the flags. These run all along the walls.

Facing the other way, gigantic poster of Jacqueline Cochran. To the right, you can see the benches in front of a large TV screen which runs a 10 - 15 minute film about the WASP. To the right, beneath the flags, the white space that you can't really see are large placards giving the timeline of the WASP.

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