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Military Fly Moms, by Linda Maloney

The book can be purchased from: It is also available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at your local bookstores.

71 pilots who are also mothers share their stories in this book, Military Fly Moms. The editor, Linda Maloney, is also a pilot and a mother. (Indeed, Maloney served in a combat flying squadron and was awarded the Air Medal for combat, awarded for flights flown over southern Iraq in support of the no-fly zone during her deployment to the Arabian Gulf.)

In this over-sized book, each pilot's story fills 3 pages, and is illustrated with a full-color photo (with the occasional black-and-white.)

Each story also has a "Mom to Mom" box, in which the pilot answers the question, "What is the most rewarding thing about being a mom":
Carey Lorenz: "The most rewarding thing about being a mom is seeing the world from my kids' perspective - a world filled with unlimited possibilities, opportunities, and laughter. Knowing that, with love and guidance, my children will grow into compassionate people, gives me grat satisfaction.

Shari Scott: The most rewarding thing about being a mom is experiencing the day-to-day joy that children bring as they encounter new challenges, endure failures, and thrill to successes. There is nothing that touches a heart andsoul like the smiles, hugs and the love of a child!

Each of these women was a career pilot - most of them serving their full 20 years in the service.

Each pilot's story follows the same outline. Where she grew up, what inspired her to enter the service and become a pilot, some of her adventures throughout her career, the decision to have children, and some of the adventures raising them.

Any mom who works outside the home (they all work inside the home!) knows how difficult it can be to raise children and hold down a career. These women's careers were in the military, and as pilots, with all the high-pressure that implies, and they succeeded as both pilots and mothers.

Why is this book necessary? Well, despite the fact that women have been flying since only a few years after the Wright brothers made the first controlled flight in 1903, many people still don't realize that women are pilots - at least, not pilots of military craft. This despite the fact that the WASP of World War II received plenty of publicity during the war, and though they faded from view from 1945-1977, since that time their stories have been told.

But the stories always need retelling, it seems.

The pilots:
Victoria (Uptegraft) Cain
Connie Reeves
Tami (Beutel) Reynolds
Karen (Williams) White

Susan (Decker) Allen
Karen (Stottlemyer) Baetzel
Barbara Bell
Pamela (Lyons) Carel
Sally deGozzaldi
Catherine (McCann) Gillies
Kristin (Burke) Greentree
Michelle (Guidry) Hickie
Jamie (Edwards) Johnson
Margaret (DeLuca) Klein
Karin (Klose) Kulinski
Lorie (Bolebruch) Lindholm
Cynthia (Persinger) Lisa
Carey (Dunai) Lohrenz
Linda (Heid) Maloney
Jean (Condie) O'Brien
Jane (Skiles) O'Dea
Patsy (Van Bloem) Schumacher
Shari (Pavlik) Scott
Paula (Coleman) Senn
Tammie Jo (Bonnell) Shults
Kerry (Kuykendall) Smith
Jenny (Merrill) Tinjum
Linda (Evans) Wackerman

Air Force/Air National Guard
Tammy (Ward) Barlette
Lisa (Wilman) Barente
Shannon Cary
Elisa (Romano) D'Antonio
Celeste (Sanders) Dryjanski
Laurie (McLean) Farris
Susan (Rank) Foy
Barbara (Brumme) Garwood
Kelly (Neal) Goggin
Ann (Bunton) Halle
Kelly (Waltmire) Hamilton
Casey (Legler) Hinds
Christine (Allick) Hopper
Valerie (Perkins) Kester
Michele (Meyer) Kilgore
Christi (Favalito) Legawiec
Kate (Wildasin) Lowe
Juli (Dahnke) Mansfield
Kelly (Sloan) Marcell
Christine (Callahan) Mau
Melissa (Hyland) May
Lida Dais Dahnke Munz
Bonnie (Cox) Paquin
Sharon (Cleary) Preszler
Lori (Edinger) Rasmussen
Louise (Sabelstrom) Reeves
Heather Sharp-Schlichting
Monica (Holzhauer) Sylla
Sheila (Connolly) Thompson
Marjorie (Clark) Varuska
Shannon Yenchesky
Katherine (Combs) Yingst

Marine Corps
Sarah (Deal) Barrow
Keri (Berman) May
Alexis (Rominger) McCabe
Jen (Hall) Nothelfer
UNN-Kristin Solberg
Celeste (Roberts) Stevens

Coast guard
Polly (Pieterek) Bartz
Elizabeth (Francis) Booker
Lauren (Felix) Cox
Kristy (Horvath) Kiernan
Susan (Ator) Maitre

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