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New Retro LSA: Classic Looks, Modern Flight

PR: New Retro LSA: Classic Looks, Modern Flight

In the late 1930s, aluminum was expensive and labor was cheap. Now, and especially for someone producing a new aircraft, labor is a major factor; and if the builder is doing the work at home, it’s an even greater factor.

Since the 1930s, evolution of aircraft has improved, from airfoils and controls, to propulsion, materials, avionics, tires, and nearly everything else. The results of these improvements have been better reliability, easier repair, economical operation, and above all greater comfort, safety, and flying capability.

But no one has improved on the looks of those Golden Age airplanes.

The classic look is obvious when you see the Sam LS; what isn’t obvious, but is more important: modern improvements have yielded a much better airplane. And Thierry Zibi, who conceptualized the Sam and runs HAIM Aviation west of MontrĂ©al, Canada, looked to increase not only the manufacturability of the Sam, but also its adaptability and utility. With three wing configurations (standard LS, STOL, and cross-country), the Sam will be produced as both an S-LSA (the LS and STOL versions) and an Experimental (CC version).

Haim aviation will launch the Sam LS commercially at Oshkosh. Zibi says, “All Oshkosh sales will take advantage of our introductory price of $135,000 and will receive a leather interior, optional 600x6 tires, and a 7’’ Dynon display for the passenger at no additional cost.”  [Firm orders placed at the show, accompanied by a $2000 deposit, will also receive a new vintage-look leather flying helmet with protective glass lenses. Details, including performance clauses, are in the sales contract.]

See the Sam LS at Oshkosh, North Aircraft Display, #626

Key features:
  • All aluminum plus a protective 4130 steel cage structure for occupants
  • Pilot sits in front for solo and two-up flight
  • Stall speed clean is 49 mph or 42.5 knots
  • Ailerons are mass balanced to avoid flutter
  • Elevator and rudder are mass balanced and dynamically balanced

LSA (LS model) considerations:
  • Designs are fully compliant with ASTM standards
  • Gust factor of 29 knots has been taking in consideration at VC which gives a limit load of 5.3G and an ultimate load of 7.9 G (LS model)
  • Negative limit load factor is -3.3 G and -4.95 ultimate

Wing particulars:
  • Wings are removable for long term storage; landing gear connects to wing center
  • STOL and CC variants are realized by simply changing the outboard wing sections (The entire aircraft was designed to accept three different wings without any additional airframe modifications.)
  • Wing is rectangular for ease of construction and to have gentle stall characteristics
  • Outside wings include 3 degrees dihedral
The three different wings:
LS : 28.5 ft wingspan (The first prototype will have the LS wing)
STOL: 31.8 ft
CC : 25.2 ft

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