Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PR: Wicks Aircraft Offers Variety of New Products

Order now; pick up at Oshkosh Wicks Aircraft Supply, located in the heart of the Lower 48, has a great selection of new products that you’ll be able to see at Oshkosh in July – and take home. If you order ahead, you will be assured that you will have these goodies to take home with you. · 406mHz ELT from ACK: This new, GPS-capable unit also operates on 121.5 mHz, and is light weight (1.6 pounds, with 5-year battery). Featuring a full “plug & play” installation kit, dual-stainless strap mounting, and antenna, this ELT includes antenna and has one of the lowest battery replacement costs in the industry and comes with a two-year warranty. $600, tax incl. · Aeroleds Pulsar newly-TSO’d NSP & NS strobes: These 4-inch long, anodized aluminum-based 4-ounce strobes provide brilliant LED light in red or green. The NS consumes 18 watts for its 22 LEDs; the NSP is a 20-watt unit, and contains 24 LEDs. NS $1,075 pr. Tax incl., NSP $1,1 00 pr. Tax incl. · Aeroleds Suntail: This TSO’d tail strobe/position light pulls 16 watts to light its 18 LEDs, using its built-in power supply. With an anodized aluminum base, this 3-ounce light has a rated life of 50,000 hours. $320 experimental, $475 TSO’d · Aeroleds Sunspot: This high intensity Landing and Taxi lights use 20 watts; the HX can be PMA’d for certified aircraft. $430 HX landing or taxi. All the above Aeroleds units operate on 9-36VDC. · Aerovoltz 4, 8, 12, and 16-cell 13.6V batteries: Powerful, yet amazingly lightweight, these multi-cell lithium batteries can crank most any Experimental, with engines from tiny two-strokes to even 580-inch sixes. With a service life of more than double that of a typical lead-acid battery, Aerovoltz can be used in any orientation, require no ventilation, and never leak. Even better: amp for amp, Aerovoltz can save up to 80% of the space and 90% of the weight, compared against traditional batteries.

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