Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pakistan: Trainer plane crashes near Walton airstrip

From Daily Times: Trainer plane crashes near Walton airstrip

LAHORE: A trainer aircraft crashed in the Falcon Society on Walton Road on Thursday, but the female pilot luckily remained safe.

According to details, a trainer aircraft took off from the Walton airstrip, but crashed while landing. The pilot, Fakhrunnisa, 28, remained safe in the crash landing.

The police said the pilot miraculously remained safe despite the fact that the plane hit the ground hard, partially damaging its nose.

Police said the pilot apparently lost balance of the plane due to the wind pressure.

Wreckage of the plane could not be removed from the scene; however, officials of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Lahore Flying Club reached the scene after a short time of the incident. staff report

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