Monday, November 19, 2012

1 Aug 1929: What's in the News, on the front page

From the Bellingham (WA) Herald - evening edition

The over-arcing headline: Graf Zeppelin fighting strong headwinds over France (on its round the world flight)

The sub-heading of the article was: Big dirigible again headed for US.

There is a Northwest Fair held in Bellingham that was getting a lot of publicity.

Pilots Loren Mendell  and Pete Reinhardt had been supplied with a plane to make an endurance flight at Culver City, but Eleanor  Merry filed a suit preventing them from taking off. She'd been injured in a crash landing with Mendell as the pilot, and was suing him for $28,000.

Other headlines on front page:
  • Prices slashed on British Columbia Shingles
  • Appointment of Tax Commission that will attempt to untangle involved system, expected soon (regarding Washington state's complicated tax system)
  • 250 Men Fighting forest fires in district
  • Appeal is planned: Northwest Lumbermen to Ask Hoover's Assistance
  • Gruber rules out Carlisle - PAF Dispute - (something to do with something called the Alsop Trap)
  • Bob Martin, Seattle Flyer, Says he will attempt hop to Tokyo soon
  • Chicago syndicate of bomb makers unearthed
  • European capitals keeping eye on radicals: Communists reported to be planning "anti-war day" demonstrations today
  • Although choosing an unofficial successor, Thomas A. Edison states he has no intention of resigning
  • Larceny is charged; Seattle cigar store owner is facing trial

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