Friday, January 4, 2008

Tricked! Photo of Lt. Kara Wade, Navy test pilot

I've been getting a lot of hits from people looking for "Lt. Kara Wade." I'm assuming that these people have fallen for the same trick I had. They received an email that purported to have photos from Valiant Shield, 2006, and one of the photos was of "Kara Wade" in the cockpit. But that's from a movie called Stealth. However, a real woman has flown the Stealth (in fact, at least 3, now), and that'd be Donna Kohout, whom I interviewed for Winged Victory, and you can read that interview here:

Donna Kohout: 1st woman to fly the F-117A - Nighthawk.

This is the photo of the fictional Kara Wade:

Lt. Kara Wade (Jessica Biehl!) in the cockpit of the prototype F/A-37. (Fictional movie, Stealth!)

A photo of the exercises held during Valiant Shield, 2006

Kohout is one of the service people discussed in this book.


Lady J said...

I recognized Jessica (Kara) right away so it made me think the whole email was a joke. I always google stuff when I question it and that's how I got to your blog, thanks for the confirmation. The rest of the email is true I'm guessing??

Kort said...

Buh, bummer. Would have been nice if it were real. But I suspected so glad I came across this, thanks!

Christine said...

There is also a camera in the lower corner of the screen!

rodskiwoody said...

Two things (no make it three)
1) The way the think is bolted together would never make it stealth.
2) The size of the gaps on the fuselage are a real laugher. This thing would desentagrate before they took the chains off!
3) Jessica Beal is HOT!

amoon2121 said...

Thank you for the clarification. I received some pics of Boeing new technology which was giving credit to a female pilot Kara Wade. Like many stories this pilot came from a Left Coast movie. Let's give credit where credit is due. Donna Kohout is a true American hero. Thank God for Donna and the rest of the service men and women who keep this country free serving in our armed forces.

Cathy Gale said...

I've removed the offensive comment by Padraic, and all comments that took him to task for saying it.