Friday, January 11, 2008

Rosie the Riveter / Amelia Earhart and the Autogyro

In this video, among other stories, "Rosie the Riveter" Bette Torres fondly remembers toiling away in the factory that built up to 500 Liberators in a single month.

I picked up a copy of the magazine Aviation History today, March 2008 issue. A Spitfire was the photo on the cover, but also named on the cover was Amelia Earhart's Autogiro Adventures.

Inside the issue, in the Briefing department, was a one-page article written by Stephan Wilkinson, about some surviving "Rosie's" who were given rides on Labor Day 2007 in a Liberator. Rose Monroe, the original Rosie - she starred in a wartime promo film made by Walter Pidgeon, died ten years ago, but present were 5 "Rosie's": Josephine Rachiele (82), Georgette Feller (86), Anne King (85), Connie Mancuso, and another whose name was not mentioned.

There's also footage of Earhart in an autogyro at You Tube:

A real "Rosie"

Famous poster

A "Wendy the Riveter"

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