Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bloggers and women in aviation

Arcadia-born Aviation Pioneer Harriet Quimby

The blog is called Betsie Bay: Somewhere north of routine.

The author gives no reason why she decided to profile Quimby today, except that she was born in Michigan... still, it's nice to see a pioneer woman pilot get some press today.


A woman's aviation blog from France, run by a guy named Denis, had an article on the WASP today.

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farlane said...

Hey, thanks for the link over. Our site is about an area that includes the village of Arcadia where Harriet Quimby was born.

She moved away at a young age, but I was thinking that the tradition of soaring & sailplanes in the area had a part in instilling a love of flight. This morning I thought a little more about one of my favorite views in the world which is just north of Arcadia and wondered if that two might have made a young girl's imagination soar.