Saturday, March 22, 2008

Women's Aviation News, 3/22/08

In Top Form: Twenty years on, Lilliput Hats still relies on only seven pairs of hands
(An article on a hat shop, but the last paragraph is of interest):
Gingras's next hat trick? She's spent the better part of a year working on and refining a prototype pilot hat for Air Canada's female pilots. It's a dark navy felt captain's hat and, "has to be feminine but still retain its air of authority." Hidden inside the crown is a scrap of silk, a stylized silkscreen print by local artist Yasmine Louis --of Amelia Earhart.

Coast Guard sees TV series as inspiration for recruits
(Not aviation, but rather women moving into a traditionally male dominated area)
Birch said about 10 per cent of their seagoing workers are female, a percentage that's going up as more women opt for careers with the coast guard.

He said entry level wages are about $40,000 a year, with paid leave and benefits, and that can rise to $90,000 a year depending on position and certification.

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