Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rant: Girls...what are you doing????

In the past three days, New York governor Eliot Spitzer has been under fire because he was caught using a prostitute - and prostitution is illegal in every state except Nevada. To make it worse, Spitzer was a "crusader" - who had prosecuted prostitution rings, even while he himself used the services of their competitors!

And on the day when he got up on a podium, and apologized to the media, his wife was standing right beside him. And when most politicians are caught with their pants down and have to end up facing the media...their wives are invariably standing beside them. And not to step up to the podium themselves and say, "I'm filing for a divorce from this dirtbag immediately."

It's one reason why I would never vote for Hillary Clinton - the amount of times her husband cheated on her, and she never divorced him, no, she always "stood by her man."

And the outrage of most people - of a Republican outlook, is filling the airwaves, whereas most Democrats are silent or saying it's a "private matter" and no big deal. Well, if he was just Joe Schmo, I suppose it would be no big deal. Although I think that prostitutes, when found, go to jail, whereas their "johns" usually just have their names put in the paper and that's it?

And let's face it, if guys didn't go to prostitutes, prostitute rings wouldn't exist, would they? I remember an episode of One Day at a Time from 20 years ago, Annie Romano has to set up the entertainment for a visiting businessman, and her boss doesn't want her to do it. Why - because her boss knows that this guy wants to be set up with a prostitute - and I doubt if they were making that up out of whole cloth. I'm willing to bet a gazillion dollars that one out of every 10 guys who goes on a business trip, finds himself a prostitute to amuse himself while he's away from his wife and his children. He wants to feel "adventurous" I suppose.

And then we've got the case of "Girls Gone Wild" video empire founder Joe Francis who has spent a year in jail because he used underaged girls in his videos - which have earned him $29 million a year.

Let me repeat that. Guys, and perhaps women of a certain orientation, are making this guy rich, buying $29 million worth of his wares a year. If he sells a DVD for $25, how many people have to buy one to make him $29 million a year? And of this... how much does he pay his "models" I wonder?

Anyway, the thing about this guy is that yes, he used girls that were under age - but only because they told him that they were of age, and signed contracts to that effect. And these days, any girl 13 or over is wearing makeup that makes her look 20, and probably wears the tight shirts that reveal her belly button, and walks with that swing of her hips so all the guys can get a good view...

And I'm thinking to myself, it's not this millionaire jerk who should have been in the slammer, but those underage girls who had absolutely no shame in prostituting themselves, (by that I mean selling their bodies to the camera, and men in general, not men in particular) although they probably wouldn't have minded getting some real action, either.

I dunno...I just despair for teenage girls sometime. For women who stay with men who cheat on them, or abuse them ("but I know he loves me, really.") and so on, or for those so insecure in their bodies that they have to flaunt themselves so that guy's look at them, and treat them, like the brainless sex objects they are.

The guy intends to start filming another "Girls Gone Wild" video immediately, and what I want to know is, now that girls - assuming they can read - know he makes $29 million a year, will they demand that they get paid at least a million to appear in his little videos, or will they do it for $10 and a free meal?

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