Friday, July 4, 2008

NASA material from Langley Air Show, 2008

I attended the Langley Air Show for a few hours, a couple of weeks ago, and picked up lots of "paper."

NASA was out in full force, with a couple of experimental planes (I'll post pics later on), and lots of paper to take away.

As a niggle...their "paper" was of heavy, glossy paper stock. Looks very nice, hard wearing, but is it necessary to use such high quality for publications for an air show, the audience of which is mostly kids? Wouldn't cheaper paper have sufficed? (I say this only because I think that NASA needs to spend more on exploration and experimentation, and less on PR material.) Of course this material will be on display probably at every air show in the US, and maybe even at airshows in other countries, but still...

Anyway, in this entry is one of two photos entitled:

NASA AERONATICS RESEARCH ONBOARD: Decades of contributions to general aviation

Click on photos for larger size.

This one covered:

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
2. Composite Structures
3. Winglet
4. Quiet Jets
5. Lightning Protection Standards
6. TURBO-AE Code
7. Real-Time Graphical Weather
8. NASA Structural Analysis (NASTRAN)
9. Digital Fly-By-Wire
10. Highway-in-the-Sky (HITS)
11. Glass Cockpit
12. De-icing Systems
13. Natural Laminar Flow (NFL Airfoil)
14. Supercritical Airfoil
15. Area Rule
16. Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
17. Airbag Systems
18. Airborne Wind Shear Detectin
19. Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS)
20. Stall/Spin Research

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