Monday, July 21, 2008

Tricia Walsh-Smith Needs to Get a Grip

According to a yahoo news report, Philip Smith, the husband of Tricia Walsh-Smith, was granted his divorce today, with conditions that had been agreed upon in a 1999 prenuptial agreement.

This despite -- or one hopes, because of -- the fact, that this woman recorded herself on a video, which she then posted to YouTube, trashing her husband in public, then calling his secretary to trash him again, revealing intimate details, etc. etc.

And her lawyers (whom I hope are costing her a bundle) had the gall to say, "This is a victim who is holding her head up," he said. "I think she comes off well."

On the contrary, she comes across as a complete and total idiot, and I hope her ex-husband sues her for defamation of character, and for sheer stupidity.

By the way, she got a $750,000 settlement, and claims that he has basically "thrown her out on the street."

Frankly, considering that YouTube video (Jesus, it's immature highschool children who pull that kind of crap, not grown women), I wouldn't halved her settlement and told her to get a job flogging videos to Youtube.
Man wins divorce from angry wife in YouTube video

-----------Having said all the above, I did a search on Tricia Walsh-Smith and found out she had a website, with a guestbook. And there were hundreds of entries there praising her for being a "groundbreaker."

Isaac Asimov put it best, a few decades ago. I paraphrase, "One half of the world will soon be responsible for entertaining the other half." With the proliferation of "reality shows" that's exactly what's happening. People are trying to make money off of their sad little lives...and the tragedy is that there are actually people willing to tune into this "entertainment."

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