Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interview with Nancy Welz Aldrich

Up on Winged Avenger: Women in Aviation, is an interview with Nancy Welz Aldrich, aka Captain Gramma.


Aldrich's book Captain Gramma: Single Woman to Sky High is an inspiring book for anybody, but in particular middle-aged women whose children have moved out into the wide world (would it be more politic to call them "empty nesters") who think..what can I do with the rest of my life?

Nancy Aldrich was in her mid-thirties, divorced, with one grown child and one eighteen year old, when she decided on Mother's Day, 1977 to take the flying lessons that she'd always wanted. She enjoyed the flying as much as she'd expected, and decided to make of it a career. With great perseverance - it was the late 1970s and women and commercial airline captain were two words that were very rare together - Aldrich was hired by United Airlines and moved her way up the ranks to captain. She retired as a Captain at the mandatory age of 60, in 1999.

In Captain Gramma, she tells her story.
Read our review at: http://thethund.ipower.com//YouFlyGirl/BookReviews/CaptainGramma.html

Her website, where you can get the book, is http://www.captaingramma.com/

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