Saturday, September 18, 2010

Assembling a Women Aviator's Collection Via Ebay

You can find practically anything on Ebay, even autographs and photos and other memorabilia from women aviators. Not nearly so many as you'd find for male aviators, but they're out there.

Beware - the days of getting bargains onm Ebay is pretty much exhausted. Ebay sellers find that people will pay exorbitant prices for items that are in "poor" condition, so of course they set minimums as high as they can.

But, if you want the item, you want the item.

There seems to always be a lot of stuff for Amelia Earhart. A search today reveals:

1,261 results found for Amelia Earhart

The results range from photographs cut out of vintage newspapers, to actual photos, to Amelia Earhart liggage, to books.


13 results found for women airforce service pilots

And for "Women Pilots"

961 results found for women pilots

Of these, quite a few are "sexy adult costumes" for stewardesses and for pilots, presumably for use only at Hallowe'en, but other items that came up were pilot, watches, Soviet Women pilot postcards, advertisements featuring women pilots, and so on.

As for specific pilots (apart from the world-famous Amelia Earhart):

Katherine Stinson - there was a 1919 article about her form The American Magazine. You can't go get this one, because I've just bought it! [But it is outrageous. They're charging $18.95 for the article - you dont' even get the magazine! Talk about price gouging. But...if you want it you want it.)

Pancho Barnes

3 items - form the Valerie Bertinelli movie

Jackie Cochran

33 results found for jackie cochran
Mostly books about her, but a couple of photos

If you're interested in a particular aviator, do a search by her name, but also try "woman pilot" and "woman aviator" and other permutations, just to see if someone's offering a photo of a woman pilot, without knowing the identity of the person in the photo.

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