Sunday, September 12, 2010

World’s only Flying “Flying Platform” Goes on Sale

September 20, 2010, Anderson, Indiana, USA: US innovator AirBuoyant is offering its refreshed and enhanced prototype flying platform, the VertiPod 2 (N6172N, formerly the PAM 100B Individual Lifting Vehicle), for sale to someone or some museum that will appreciate it.

With its contra-rotating rotors below the pilot and a new protective pilot’s “cage” installed, the twin-engine VP2 is ready for flight or further development. With some 200 Hirth-supplied horsepower available through a modified Volvo marine transmission, the VP2 is ready to go to the next step of development. Recent improvements include that pilot’s cage, simplified controls, new rotor blades, and a new, improved main frame.

The VP2’s throttle is directly controlled by the pilot, who also directs trajectory with his weight-shifting. The VP2 can skim over flat or rutted ground, grass, sand, or water, at speeds of 20mph or more; and its useful load allows full fuel plus 400 pounds, making it possible to add instrumentation or equipment in further development.

AirBuoyant President and founder Pete Bitar says, “This platform has shown us what we need to know, to proceed with a commercial version. While it’s obviously not a cross-country machine, it is clearly a unique aircraft, the only flying platform with a proven flight record, that is not ‘missing or in a museum.’ I hope that someone will continue to enjoy, or even develop this machine; or that an appropriate museum can be interested in it.”

The VP2 is being offered either as a one-off aircraft, or in an enhanced package that includes design and documentation, for someone who is interested in the full history and possible commercial application.

Bitar is not getting out of the flying platform business, but he is concentrating on his new models, including a possible ultralight (Part 103-conforming) platform. Bitar also concedes that he is open to an “interesting” trade, possibly of a GA aircraft for business use.

Qualified Parties Contact
Pete Bitar (
AirBuoyant, LLC
282 Airport Road
Anderson, IN 46017




Anonymous said...

Try looking up the Hiller flying platform, the Hummingbird flying platform, or maybe the WASP. The part of the title "World's only" is incorrect.

Ernest Dizon said...

I was ,wondering ?Why dont the major car makers build the Flying Plat form?It would be a Banger,for Honda,Kawasaki,Toyota and Ford motors,and they could make "Big-Bucks" with this Personal Flying Plat Form,for out-doors Men & Women;for Hunting ,exploring,and just for the sake of zipping through the air,cuz these Flying Machines? can fly over water and land,and with a ring shape gas tank,surrounding the Flying plat form?it can hav an extra miles of three hundred to four hundred a speed of 80 miles M.P.H.a Cupola can be fitted above the pilots head ?to protect from wind and rain,with a radio anttenna on top of the Cupola !