Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New exhibit at Cleveland's International Women's Air and Space Museum

From the IWASM website:

Virginia Thomas was born in 1922 in Springfield, Ohio. In 1943, while working for Bauer Bros. Co. she, along with other employees, formed the 105 Aero Club at Springfield Municipal Airport in an effort to promote aviation. In January 1944 Virginia made her first solo flight. When Virginia was 34 she earned a commercial rating. In 1951 she won the Blanche Noyes Airmarking Trophy for getting 100 cities and towns in Ohio to paint the names of their towns on prominent buildings to help lost pilots find airports. Later in life, Virginia and her husband traveled around the country collecting historical data and books on women in aviation, a collection that is now housed at IWASM. Virginia Thomas is one of IWASM's 100 Ohio Women in Air & Space.

This special exhibit runs through January 2, 2011.

International Women's Air & Space Museum | 1501 North Marginal Road | Room 165, Burke Lakefront Airport | Cleveland | OH | 44114

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