Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas gifts for aviation enthusiasts

I'll be putting together an article for Winged Victory: Women in Aviation on web stores and museums that feature women-centric items for the female aviator - although for many things, such as posters of WASP, guys should be perfectly happy getting those items, too.

But I think it's important to support organizations supporting women in aviation, and encourage the younger generations to get wings themselves.

So, first I'll deal with businesses that cater to women pilots, then I'll list museums and such that do so.

A desk calendar, each day with a note on women's aviation history
A pilot's journal, pink cover with the powder puff logo
Various clothing such as vests and t-shirts. No baseball caps, though
Children's book featuring a female teddy bear illustrating the pilot's alphabet
Scarf with logo
Headsets, white or pink, from Softcom

2. Abingdon watches
They offer two watches, specifically designed for women: the Jackie (for Jackie Cochran) and the Amelia (for Amelia Peabody).

3. Women Fly
They sell ballcaps, with the Women Fly logo, and lots of T-shirts, with photos of famous women pilots on them:
Amelia Earhart, Jackie Cochran, Patty Wagstaff, Bessie Coleman, Nancy Harkness Love, Fay Gillis Wells, Harriet Quimby, the WASP, Jerrie Cobb, Beryl Markham, Libby Gardner, Willa Brown Chappell, Gladys Roy and Wally Funk.

4. Flight Training Camp for Girls
Now this is what I'm talking about! Get your girl some flying lessons!

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