Wednesday, November 26, 2008

International Women's Air & Space Museum playing Cards

Got my playing cards today, the second edition.

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This pack includes photos of:

Sue Parish - co-founder, Air Zoo
Ruth Alexander (1905-1930)
Mary R. Creason - Michigan aviator
Judith Resnik (1949-1986) astronaut
Amy Laboda - aviation journalist
Mary Regalbuto Jones (1922-2004)
Willa Brown (1906-1992) 1st black woman licensed in US. (Bessie Coleman was licensed in France)
Blanche Noyes (1900-1981)
Evelyn Bryan Johnson - instructor
Capt Jammie Jamieson - first female F-22 Raptor pilot
Galina Korchuganova (1935-2004) Founder Aviatrissa-Russian women's aviation organization
Valentina Tereshkova - first woman in Space
Wilma Fritschy (no photo)
Doris Scott (1918-1998) IWASM president, 1976-1985
Hanna Reitsch (1912-1979) Glider pilot, Whirly Girl #1
Florence Boswell (1894-1968)- 1st woman flight instructor,Ohio
Fran Bera - 7 time Powder Puff Derby winner
Patricia Hange - co-owner Lenox Flight School
Harriet Hamilton - co-owner, Lenox
Sarah Ratley - one of Mercury 13
WAFS: Evelyn Sharp, Barbara Towne, Nancy Love, B.J. Erickson
Pamela Ann Melroy - 2nd woman commander, space shuttle
125th Guards - Soviet women's WWII Dive Bomber Regiment - flew 1,134 combat missions
Pat Brady - airborne traffic controller.
Zoe Dell Lantis - official hostess, 1939-40 SFO World's fair
Patty Wagstaff - 1st US Nstl Aerobatic champion
Libby Mele (1917-2000) one of the first female air traffic controllers in the US
Louise G. Vamos (1907-2001), Clebelabds first female commercial pilot
Elizabeth Schwenkler - 1st woman US National soaring champion - 2006
Edna Gardner Whyte - champion air racer
Evelyn "Bobbi" Trout (1906-2003) record setter, 1929
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906-2001), 1st US licensed glidr pilot
Mercury 13 (7 standing in a group)
Ruth Shafer Fleischer - WASP
Edith Dizon - first female Filipina pilot
Phoebe Omlie (1902-1975), 1st female transcontinental air racer
Peggy Whitson - 1st female commander of the Space Station
IWASM Founders (5 standing)
Marjorie N. Gorman - commercial and helicopter pilot
Kay Brick (1910-1995) WASP
Helen MacCloskey (1909-1977) World speed record holder 1935
Mary Fecser (1912-1986) - air racer
Sally Ride - 1st American woman in space
Helen Sammon - IWASM trustee
Virginia M. Schweizer - 1947 World Women's Altitude Record - Soaring Hall of Fame
Nicole Malachowski - 1st female US Air Force Thunderbird pilot
Wally Funk - Mercury 13
2 of the Night Witches
Nancy Batson Crews (1920-2001) one of the original WAFS
Jerrie Cobb - one of the Mercury 13
Elizabeth McQueen (1876-1958) - founder of WIAA
Barbara Donahue Ross (b. 1920) WAFS #16
Marion P. Jayne (1926-1996) FAI Gold Medalist WOrld Air Race, First Century of Flight Aviation Hero

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