Friday, November 28, 2008

Mary Rawlinson Creason

Information about her on the web:

Her sister, Mabel Rawlinson, was a WASP.

1) Profile at the MDot Department of Transportation website,1607,7-151-9620_11154_41535-143071--,00.html
Mary Rawlinson Creason joined the Aeronautics Bureau, then part of the Michigan Department of State Highways, in 1977, and became the first woman pilot in state government. She earned her private pilot's license in 1943 while a student at Western Michigan University.

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Profiled at the WMU Alumni Association (Western Michigan University) website:

Michagan 99 Flyers

Make*Believe TV: Wings of their Own Documentary (a 99-minute video. The 99's, get it? ; )

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Pam said...

Mary's sister, Mabel Rawlinson, was a pilot with the WASP in WWII.

She was one of the 38 of the female pilots died while serving. Women did indeed pay the ultimate price during World War II, but their recognition has been very slow to come.

Read the following article about a WASP named Mabel Rawlinson who died while serving. Read this - You'll be glad you did: