Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's get wikified!

I've spent the day adding entries to the Women Aviators Wiki.

It's now up to 137 entries, and if I continue to work at the rate I'm doing now, should be 200 by next Monday, if not more.

Of course there are thousands of women pilots that need to be added, so if you'd like to take a hand, feel free.

If you're scared because you don't understand how a wiki works, just send me your info, and I'll "wikify" it for you. No problem.

I'm having fun working on it... And I'm a bit obsessive compulsive which is why I'm devoting so much time to it right now despite the fact that I've got my own stuff I should be doing... but that's what makes me me. The more work of my own I've got to do, the more I love to procrastinate by doing other things.

And this certainly is a worthy cause.

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