Saturday, December 13, 2008

Subliminal messages in dolls?

Was just driving along today and heard a bit of the Tammy Bruce show... (I like her theme music - the Avengers, but don't really care for her delivery, still less her voice!) and heard the controversy about some doll from Mattel/Fisher Price that says "Islam is the light."

It's called the Little Mommy Cuddle & Coo Doll, and I gotta tell you - that alone is what I find offensive. Don't give a 6 year old girl a doll to make her want to have a baby when she's only 6, give her a teddy bear or a lion or a tiger.

Anyway, I listened to the audio on the above website, and it sounds like the baby is just making "cooing" sounds, and not saying, "Islam is the light."

You can also hear it on a newsclip at Youtube, where it is MUCH clearer, which makes me wonder if the sound on the YouTube was altered, because it's not that clear in the audio on the website...

On the other hand, I sure dont' want little girls sublimally indoctrinated into the Muslim religion (or any other one, for that matter). I'm an atheist myself, but I just can't see how any woman could accept a religion where she is thought of as less than dirt. Has to hide her face, cover her *entire* body for "modesty" and has to stay with women at all times, and if there's even the *suspicion* that she has talked to a man who is not a member of her own family, she can be killed and that's perfectly fine, because it's a matter of "family honor."

Christianity much better but still with flaws - fundamentalist Christians don't seem to have that high an opinion of women, either...but they ain't as bad as Muslims. Then of course right here in the US we've got polygamist sects, where women actually accept being one of several wives to the same guy, with each one giving birth to five or six kids because of course that's all she's on earth for.... that's a belief that I just don't understand...and yet there are women who voluntarily subject themselves to that kind of life.

For myself, I grew up indoctrinated on The Avengers - John Steed and Emma Peel, equal partners in business and life - that's the way women and men should treat each other...

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